With a workforce of more than 174,000, solar employs more people than coal and demand for solar workers continues to grow. According to The Solar Foundation, U.S. solar jobs have doubled in the last five years and New York ranks 4th for solar jobs nationwide.

The solar industry offers diverse opportunities in manufacturing, system design, project development, installation, and operations. Dive deep or specialize, or build solar skills into an established trade or profession such as electrician, plumber, engineer, or architect. Two-thirds of experts surveyed encourage the latter, but success models abound in both approaches.

Whether you’re interested in manufacturing, system design, project development, installation and operations, or working to help New Yorkers transition to solar, the solar industry offers opportunities for many different types of career paths.




Solar Resources
U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative 
DOE’s road map of job opportunities and pathways, including 40 types of jobs and 60 pathways for advancement.