New York State's solar market is strong, and New Yorkers from Rhinebeck to Elmira are choosing solar for their homes. For the past three years, RenewableNY has spearheaded campaigns to make it easier and more affordable for New Yorkers in 15 counties to choose rooftop solar. Now in 2017 we're launching our first exclusive community solar campaign.

Community solar, or sometimes known as “shared solar”, is a great way to expand access to solar energy for all. With community solar, nearby solar farms use sunlight to produce electricity and users can either subscribe to buy energy for their home or apartment OR purchase their own panels on the farm.  Energy is delivered the same way it always has been, from your electric provider. You’ll be credited right on your electric bill for your portion of the shared solar project.

See our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about community solar. To learn more about our developer partners, click here.