Pricing, Financing, and Incentives

Below are basic program pricing and offerings of our two selected installer partners, Hudson Valley Green Energy Group and Energy Conservation Specialists, LLC. Both will provide you with proven technology, superior quality products and service, but each company has a unique history, focus, and pricing.



Energy Conservation Specialists, LLC

Hudson Valley Green Energy Group


1-year workmanship guarantee

1-year workmanship guarantee

Labor Rate[1]

Incorporated into materials rate


Incorporated into materials rate

Air Sealing

$1.25 per board ft

$2 per CFM[2] reduction

Door Weather Stripping & Sweep


$2 per CFM reduction

Bathroom Vents[3]

< 4ft to outside: $75/vent

> 4ft to outside: $125/vent

< 4ft to outside: $250/vent

> 4ft to outside: $350/vent

Sidewall Insulation[4]

Cellulose: $3 to $4/sq ft

Closed Cell Spray Foam: $2 to $2.50/bd ft

Cellulose: $3 to $4/sq ft

Attic Insulation[5]

$2 to $3/sq ft

$3 to $3.80/sq ft

Existing Hot Water Tanks Insulation



Existing Hot Water Pipe Insulation

$15/linear foot

$3/linear foot

Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Cost (50 gallons)



Financing Options

EmPower New York[6]

Home Performance with Energy Star[7]

HomeAdvance by SEALED[8]

In-house financing

Empower New York

Home Performance with Energy Star

In-house financing


[1] Measures & Pricing may vary depending on building criteria and income qualifications of customer.

[2] Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is a measure of air volume movement between the inside and outside of your home and correlates to energy efficiency improvement.

[3] Price includes vent only. New Fans, Roof/Wall boot not included.

[4] Depending on depth and type of insulation (4’’ or 6’’)

[5] Depending on depth of cellulose insulation required (between 6’’ and 14’’)

[6] EmPower New York provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to income eligible New Yorkers. Learn more here:

[7] Home Performance with Energy Star provides two residential financing options: On-Bill Recovery loan, where your loan payments are built into your utility bill; and Smart Energy Loan, a more traditional loan that you repay via check or automatic payment. Learn more here:

[8] HomeAdvance by SEALED pre-pays for smart energy efficiency upgrades, your monthly utility bills stay the same and your monthly energy savings repays the cost of the upgrades. Learn more here: